Carl has been involved in the arts early in his life beginning with school plays and musicals. Initially enrolling in a Lutheran college on a pre-seminary course, he discovered it was probably more fun to be involved in artistic productions. His love of theatre also took him to grad school in Edmonton, Alberta where he majored in Directing. In order to feed his hunger for directing, he started a theatre in Fort Peck, Montana which continues to this day to be a popular summer event in northeastern Montana. Summer theatre gave way to year-round theatre as Carl became the Founding Artistic Director of four other theatres: Grandstreet Theatre, Helena, Montana; Village Theatre, Issaquah, Washington; Renton Civic Theatre, Renton, Washington; and the Mercer Island Children’s Theatre, now Youth Theatre Northwest.

After writing several plays, he ventured into screenwriting, which led very logically into filmmaking which then dominated his artistic life. He wrote and directed a series of films which he produced in Los Angeles. Oddly enough, it was this commitment that led to a new screenplay which was to change the course of his artistic life. The script centered on an abstract artist in search of love and meaning in his life. As an independent filmmaker, he knew he couldn’t hire artists to produce the many canvasses needed in the film, so he began to discover the intricacies of color and shape by painting these works of art himself.  It slowly became an obsession to do this fascinating kind of art. It made absolute sense for someone who had been schooled in the art of theatre and film to be drawn to abstract expressionist art. Film and theatre require armies to finish a project, whereas a painter can simply shut away in a studio to produce a creative work of visual art.

Taking a page out of the Gary Oldman school of acting, I found that being entirely focused on the art of abstract painting allowed the paint to speak to me in a new and profound way. Since I had cast myself in a role as an abstract painter in my latest screenplay I knew I would need the bare essentials of painting. As I immersed myself it became obvious that this was something I loved to do.


In the process, my art became an obsession that replaced my love for acting. Now I have my own studio where I create my newest works of art. My style is inventively bold—vibrant colors twisted and blended into energetic forces of nature. Recently, I created my Gold Series—a group of 29 paintings with emphasis on gold alcohol ink throughout. I look to expand my horizons by having a solo exhibition in the near future.